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A celebration of El Maestrat!

It is now exactly a staggering 10 years since I first set foot in beautiful El Maestrat. In some ways it seems that I have been coming here all my life, and in others it seems that I have blinked once and the years have passed.

When I initially came to this undiscovered area, an airport was being built that several years later would became the symbol of Spain’s corruption, bad planning and tremendous waste. But before this nasty stuff emerged I, and many others too, were encouraged to buy on the back of its promise. Then we waited in frustration for it to open. Many said it never would.

However open it did, even if some 9 years later than promised and 4 years after its inauguration. It seems it is even quite successful though I would not know as its’ planes fly nowhere of use to me. Not yet at least. I live in hope.

In excitement and anticipation of this amazing development, I came up with an idea. We have the pop festival of Benicassim, why not a celebration of the interior, my beloved Maestrat? Lets encourage cultured and gentle tourism. Lets encourage this new airport to STAY open. I talked to Sergio of the gorgeous vineyard Clos d’Esgarracordes.  We opened a bottle of wine.  Yes, he said, yes, Stephanie lets do it!

I must be mad.

I am certainly insane.

I do not need this stress.

And completely clueless I have plunged ahead – without a grant or a subsidy or any knowledge about such matters. With pretty appalling Spanish to boot.

And somehow it seems to being happening, though I keep on thinking it will go up in a puff of smoke.

The first  “Nit de Maestrat” is happening July 23rd from 7pm at Clos d’Esgarracordes.  This is not a private view, but a celebration of all there is to offer in El Maestrat.

I have no idea how it will go, but if anyone would like to attend, booking details are below and on Facebook. There are 6 artists, two bands and even a filmmaker to record the event. So really 9 artists. The celebration includes nibbles, dinner, fine wines and hopefully high spirits! To help the artists who have all come in under their own steam, their work remains on exhibit for the following month. You can even drop by to buy some more wine. Enjoy!

Reserve your place for the celebration of El Maestrat!
Reserve your place for the celebration of El Maestrat!


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