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Fayre, fairs and ferias

I have been a bit absent recently namely because I returned to wet wet wet Blighty for a long family Christmas.  The house was a holly mess Batman, and I have been rushing around for weeks dusting and scrubbing and so forth – all with leg weights attached to counter the Christmas fayre.  Oh, and a tummy belt that sends electrical impulses to my muscles too.  It’s not just the Christmas over-indulgence, it’s all that pan con tomate that I have become addicted to in Spain as well.

Talking of fayre, I have been meaning to post some fair (feria) photos for some time, but due to the lovely old-fashioned quality of them, I decided they should all be in black and white.  Wow! What a trial this has been in between hurling up and down the stairs with tons of cleaning implements.

So here are some of them up to now – far too many probably, but I just can’t choose! Last year I greeted the New Year with a letter to my mother and a series of nature photos, and this year it’s to be masses of the fairs and a celebration of traditions not lost.  Though some are clearly being hijacked by commercial traders, at each one there remains a nucleus of local artists and produce and the like.

Simple, lively, and thoroughly enjoyable. There are food fairs, art fairs, lots of horse fairs, fair fairs, antique tool fairs. Farm animal fairs.   Fairs that I know nothing about, but I will for I love the ones I have been to.  Especially when there is free drink and sometimes even food. It makes everything flow all the merrier.  I intend to do a lot more, to make it another project.  In the meantime, I wish everyone a positive and prosperous New Year 2013 and may this for once be a lucky number and magic the dratted recession away.

Please sir can I have some more?

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