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Wind farms and lots of questions

I am still out to lunch on wind farms.  Are they good? Or are they political?  Do they kill tens of thousands of birds?  Do they cost more to produce than they can deliver energy-wise in their life time?

According to the BBC 666 average wind masts create the same amount of energy as one power station.  They are very noisy to live near. And they do not mix too well with the old.  That is what I find interesting about this image – it is attractive, and yet not quite.

What mars it? The old house cowering beneath the electricity poles that cower in turn beneath the turbines? Or is this harmony? From a photographer’s point of view the photo would have been better with just the windfarm, one layer of history, but then it would not tell the story this does.

I felt sorry for whoever lived in the white painted farmhouse, especially as it was in good repair. It looked like a shed in the scale of this landscape. Just look at the electricity poles – they are the large insect like ones bringing juice to a large town, Vilafranca. In any other setting they would be the focal point of the scene, a blot on the landscape, yet here they look so small. The closer I got, the more gigantic I realised the turbines were, though these are not even the tallest that exist. Apparently that honour goes to Emden, Germany where there are two measuring 198 meters in height each. In case you find it hard to imagine how tall that is, the Empire State is 381 meters high and has 102 floors. So if you hop out on the 55th floor, you are there.


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