Veggies you forget about
Bottom of the fridge veggies
Look in the fridge, in the vegetable drawer there are often too many lovely vegetables.  Choose the ones that will most likely go together [or not] but leave the cabbage and sprouts.
Put them in a pan after peeling, washing, chopping or any other cosmetic necessities, with a large lump of butter and lots of pepper.
Lid on and gently cook until soft and then add the delicious fresh chicken stock left over from one of Stephanie’s delightful recipes.  Make your own from a chicken carcass or use a stock cube and a splash of Lea and Perrins. Cook for a further ten minutes. Adjust seasoning.  When cool, liquidise in a blender and keep your hand on the lid.  I usually can’t wait for it to cool and have to battle with the hot soup trying to escape the liquidiser.
Let the veggies cool!
Let the veggies cool!
It can be frozen at this stage, but is good served with some Greek yoghurt and chopped herbs.  I used coriander as in photograph.
My grandmother made a Lithuanian soup called Bulbina which was finely diced potato and grated carrot softened in butter and lots of pepper, but instead of using stock, creamy milk is added and simmer until the potatoes are very soft and thickening the soup.Add salt to taste.  No onions or anything else is used but sometimes, finely snipped chives were added. 
The hybrid soup with coriander
The hybrid soup with coriander inspired by my lithuanian grandmother

Thank you to Ingrid Spiegl of Scouse press in Liverpool for this lovely, simple healthy recipe. Just what we need.

I feel very hungry!


  1. Corky
    May 24, 2020

    Thank god for a normal recipe. I love the mad woman up a mountain comment on one of the other recipes!
    I don’t want to photograph mine. Anyway here goes.
    ‘Risotto’ (not really) Corky style
    Put some olive oil in a pan and heat. Add some chopped onion (1 smallish onion per person)and cook for a bit. Add 3 small handfuls of risotto rice per person. Cook for a while and then start to add chicken stock gradually. Now for the different bit.
    Stir in some cayenne pepper (1 teaspoon or so) for one person. Them add chicken or beef (I hate prawns myself, sorry Stephanie).
    If it’s chicken, then add some sliced carrot, celery and peppers and cook for a couple of minutes et voila!
    If it’s beef, add celery, chopped fresh tomatoes and green pepper et voila aussi!
    20 minutes in total, and delicious in my humble opinion.

    • stephanie de leng
      May 24, 2020


      love it, but photos

  2. Carol Charlton
    May 24, 2020

    Yes I feel very hungry too. Good ideas ..too many veg languish at the bottom of the fridge and then get thrown away.
    I think this pandemic has brought out that wartime spirit of make do and mend and reducing waste by using everything up!!!

    • stephanie de leng
      May 24, 2020

      absolutely. photos please.

      Becoming a rice convert

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