The real work on the masia starts…

My new lovely cabin that was to become my home for the next year and some
“My new lovely cabin that was to eventually become my home for the next year and some”

It was agreed that the masia would be re-built come the 7th of September 2009 and I would spend three months living in my new lovely cabin supervising. I re-arranged all photo jobs around this date and regularly emailed Carlos for updates and confirmation of the start date. No replies were forthcoming, and finally, at the end of July I decided this was NOT going to happen and I began to fill the days intended for Spain with commissions. It was disappointing, but on the plus side, the English pound was not showing any sign of recovering against the euro, and yet I thought that in time it would.

On the last day of August Carlos finally got in touch with a start date for the end of September which I turned down. I flew to Spain for a few days and explained that I worked full time, and if I was going to embark on this project, then dates had to be agreed and adhered to because every day I spent in Spain was a day of lost income in Liverpool. Carlos gave me another start date of January and after thinking of how cold it would be, I lied that I was now booked up until the end of March.

Secretly I congratulated myself for playing hard to get as it seemed to have the desired effect. We agreed the end of March, and between September and then Carlos replied to all my emails promptly. In this time I also managed to source an off-grid system to run the cabin at a competitive price from a retired ex-pat policeman. It is just great what you can do with the help of the internet. When I arrived on the mutually agreed date, the men were in full throttle and I could actually see the start of the window holes. In front of my cabin stood Bill, the ex-policeman, together with a solar panel, inverter, charge controller and all the other things I previously never knew anything about.

Pigs’ heaven. Things were happening at last! But it was bloody cold…

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