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Just goes to show and small island mentality amongst ex-pats

Ever since I published my ex-pats post, the shit has kind of hit the fan, so to speak, and in fact has proved that what I said was true.

For instance, how would you like to be sworn at publicly by an inebriated person and called a liar? One who you have actually given work to and not complained about when that work had to be redone by someone else to the tune of an additional 1200 euros?

Well, that is what happened to me. I have ruffled more than a few feathers and some of my words have not been appreciated. Tough. I feel that I have been fair and not pointed fingers at anyone, just explained a global situation. If I have something not nice to say about a person, I always change the name or use none at all. If I have something nice to say, I use the name. It is as simple as that. In the ex-pat post, I put myself in the same “boat” and this is exactly what has offended. Apparently I wrote “sinking boat”. I was horrified when I heard this. Surely not? I checked and found the words “meandering boat”. This has a totally different connotation.

I genuinely have no recollection of this purported phrase. Let me explain. When I write a post, it goes through many revisions. In the case of the ex-pat one, 40 to be precise. I checked – it is listed clearly on word press. In the ideal circumstances, the last revision is the only published one. However, it does not always happen that way and sometimes typos and clumsily worded sentences get through. Especially when you are dyslexic, which I unfortunately am (and thank God at least for spelling check). Often I am not able to correct a mistakenly published post immediately because I live off-grid up a mountain (didn’t you know?) and my Internet connection is by proxy and randomly prone to not working for all kinds of reasons.

There were 40 revisions of this post
There were 40 revisions of this post

So if I wrote the sinking boat thing, it has been corrected and lost a long time ago. I am truly sorry. I went back through the posts as far back as December 2nd and found only meandering boats all over the place. At that point I gave up, becoming confused by the plethora of HMTL and so forth swimming before my eyes. And even if I had written sinking boat, it pales into insignificance next to the verbal abuse I have suffered over the last year or so.

I have been accused of so much that is incorrect and quite ridiculous that I shall not repeat it. After all, it is not “nice”. This has happened both face-to-face and behind my back while I have been battling with severe health problems that only those close to me know the full extent of.

It beggars belief that some people do not stop to think. In a small village such as Atzeneta the source of malicious or any other gossip is easily pinpointed. I would say that gossip is the modus operandi of all small communities and from this derives the phrase “small island mentality”.

I know who has said some, and for the rest I can imagine it. It would be easy to say that I do not care, but that would be a lie. I do not like to lie. So, you who-you-are can gloat for I do care. I care very much. I care because it does not have to be that way, and I care because I do not want to hurt anyone or be hurt, and I care because we should be able to express opinions and live our lives without condemnation.

I have thought hard about publishing this and I just have to. Against all advice. I am not a punching bag and I feel like I am being bullied. I guess it is easier to bully some people rather than others. I left school, those petty cliques and all that many years ago. Just thinking of it makes me grind my teeth.

I want to end on a positive note. The other side of the coin. Ever since I published the ex-pat post, subscriptions to masialavanda.com have escalated beyond belief. They were already going up nicely, but now they have gone a bit viral. And with each further post, they increase by the day. This heartens me. From time to time I even receive personal emails from people saying how much “it” is the same where they are. Others ask me how to do things in Spain. As if I know! I do believe there is no magic answer. Forewarned does not protect you as every situation is different. You just bump along in your rocky boat and hope to reach shore.

I think I can see it. It looks most inviting.  Hallelujah.

A light at the end of the tunnel
A light at the end of the tunnel

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