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Boiler what boiler and which one now?

The Hansel and Gretyl hut on my finca
The Hansel and Gretyl hut on my finca

By now my solar system was properly sorted and purring along nicely, but the same could not be said of the biomass boiler, a boiler that was the last in a “highly recommended” line from a plumber who changed his mind about everything every step of the way. We started with a hybrid solar/oil boiler and suddenly, after waiting months and having the site prepared at some cost, he announced that I really should get the biomass boiler because THERE WERE GRANTS AVAILABLE.  I like grants.  So not only for the solar, now for the biomass. I accepted the boiler Paco recommended because I still trusted him and then he demanded a 5000 down payment, which stunned me, but he had a logical-ish explanation. Then he told me to build that Hansel and Gretel hut thing.

I might be repeating myself here a bit but if I have forgotten what I have written, you probably have too and it might be worth a mutual update.


4 months later no boiler and Paco announced that it was on back order from Austria with a further backlog of people in front of me and that we had better take another one, a Lasian because it was Spanish made, excellent quality and could be had immediately. Ok, I said, somewhat wary and fed up with all these delays, so put the 5000 towards it. Oh, that Paco replied, you owe me that in work so you will have to pay the whole boiler again.



Me smelt a rat, anyone would have. I tried to work it out but Paco’s bills were so convoluted, I gave up. Money was leaking out all over the place, seemingly seeping into the parched mountain though the stone clad shed in the corner where there was a gaping hole. Once again I paid up.

Yes I know, fool, fool you. Yes a fool all alone on a mountain wanting to get her home signed off and all these men away, done with, with their sardine cans. I felt stuck and that I could only burrow forward towards some light somewhere. Also, all along, a bit of me tried to reason, maybe Paco was right, and no, it was just an expensive business, kind of like building the beginning of a town in the middle of nowhere, and he must be honest, mustn’t he?

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A finca in the middle of nowhere

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