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Seaside days – by the coast

It was a lovely Spring day and just like summer.  Three of us drove down to the coast of Oropesa to take a sick dog to the vet. Afterwards we had a light lunch overlooking the bay and treated the dog to a few choice morsels.

In the middle of the bay, two old men with their trousers around their short and curlies provided us with an interesting focal point. Into this tableau various other characters waded from time to time: a duo of withered ladies with whom they flirted, a naked muscular boy of about 12 chasing a ball, and finally the scuba diver.

When I got home I looked over all my other coastal photos.  I had forgotten I had so many.  Each set brought back different memories.

James and I visited the Dali triangle last March – it was freezing and rained non-stop for three days.  But the photo of the boat below from that trip  is one my favourite ever, though I shiver looking at it!

I seem to have snapped a lot of sizzling fat bodies, sizzling old bodies, sizzling uncomfortable bodies generally. I could do a blog just about that, the way we really look on the beach, and not at all like the travel brochures.

In August the heat is so intense that it is like walking through an oven.  It shimmers across gorgeous blue seas and yellow beaches. No, they are not white!  Not here anyway.   And they are not that clean, not too dirty either.

The sea air is always sticky with salt water and I find this very pleasant.  I think it very good for the skin actually. But my favourite time is winter, the winter sea, the winter beaches, the winter light.  Yes, lonely and yes, very soulful.

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