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Smile and laugh – there are many reasons to!

Smile!  Here are some images that personally make me smile and may  not really fit in any other category. The yawning cat, the peeking woman, bottom legs on show, the sign to telegram sending – a service long since not available in the village.

I love the spanish plumbing – it reminds me of my woes!  Maybe I should cry? And talking of plumbing, look at the pretty plants growing from a village street drain.

How about the cats commandeering the finca?

They are added to all the time so check back!  It is always good to laugh and try to dispel the troubles that come too often. Reasons to smile, the importance of laughter.



  1. Susan Branagan
    December 26, 2013

    Your photos are wonderful! And yes, they make me smile………….I see why you like Spain so much. It is beautiful where you are.

    • stephanie de leng
      January 17, 2014

      Another funny thing. Before I got to know the real Spain I thought I would hate it. All because of a dreadful three days stranded in a package holiday type tourist resort with two young children. Long story…

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