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En vende

Everywhere I go now in the Castellon province the “en vende” signs have have taken on a life of their own.  Also the “se vende” and “es ven”, depending on the Spanish language used!   They have a number to call and it is mostly direct. This is because a. the estate agents are going out of business like flies dying on window sills and b. it has always been the custom to sell direct and now that times are tough, it is returning.

I keep on adding to my catalogue of for sale signs.  Recently this one  below took my fancy in particular.  I walked up and down the mountain and snapped the beckoning house from all angles.  When I got home and had loaded the images on my computer, I could read the phone number clearly.

The little casita  reminded me of the first time I was pulled to El Maestrat when I came across the  image of a little masia alone on the mountainside around Culla.  It seemed to promise to protect me from the modern world and within three days I was on a plane to Reus to see it.  But it was sold by the time I landed  and  I have never been able to find it during my many explorations up and down these mountain roads.  Often I have wondered if it was really for sale, and if so, who bought it?  Did they look after its ancient allure?   Never mind, I shall probably not find out.  In the meantime, I must resist the urge to call about this one….

p.s. – I did call and it was a ridiculous €150,000!  No water, no electricity , no road.  Proof that some people are not THAT desperate to sell.

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