¡Vive el Maestrat and party!

a sunrise from my masia in el maestrat © 2016 stephanie de leng. All rights reserved.

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The real ironman

The real ironman of Spain © 2011 stephanie de leng. All rights reserved.

Miguel is the local ironman, but much more than that. Miguel is truly an artist and makes amazing sculptures, some so intricately woven that it is hard to believe that they were made of iron. He has strong shoulders and … Continue reading

Pebble work

Pebble work, Spain and the Moors © 2011 stephanie de leng. All rights reserved.

The use of pebbles in flooring, both inside and out, is very common around El Maestrat from the mountains right down to the coast. They are generally inlaid into the floor amongst large smooth stones, but sometimes you will come … Continue reading