Colour in Benicassim

a colourful exhibition in Benicassim © 2014 stephanie de leng. All rights reserved.

  A few days ago I drove down to Benicassim to photograph Joan Simo, a local artist with a colourful reputation. His gallery and home is on the main street of the old town centre, a place I had never … Continue reading

Seaside days – by the coast

Trees growing to the sea indicate the direction of the prevailing winds © 2014 stephanie de leng. All rights reserved.

It was a lovely Spring day and just like summer. Three of us drove down to the coast of Oropesa to take a sick dog to the vet. Afterwards we had a light lunch overlooking the bay and treated the dog … Continue reading

El Cabanyal

You can see that there are people who take great pains to restore their houses with respect © 2014 stephanie de leng. All rights reserved.

Just after World War II Spain started to attract increasing numbers of tourists, drawn by its amazing coastline and gorgeous climate. Poco a poco the coast was cemented over, ugly high rises replacing the charming fishermen houses. You can read … Continue reading

Almond processing in El Maestrat

There is nothing as beautiful as almond and cherry blossoms in full bloom © 2014 stephanie de leng. All rights reserved.

Its that time of year again when the mountains become festooned with striking swathes of pink almond blossoms in various hues. The darker more vibrant pinks are of the marcona variety, the most prized of almonds locally, but also the … Continue reading

Spanish Provence

If I was painter, this would be my Provencial inspiration... © 2014 stephanie de leng. All rights reserved.

Perhaps strangely, now that my most used airline Ryanair has relaxed its rules and actually acknowledges that a woman is nothing without her handbag, I have finally downsized my camera equipment.Hang on, what am I talking about? What I mean … Continue reading

Sunflowers and what if?

© 2014 stephanie de leng. All rights reserved.

It is the first day of the New Year and I am reminded of Roald Dahl who wrote that January should not exist and why could there not be two Julys or Augusts instead? As usual at this time of … Continue reading


© 2014 stephanie de leng. All rights reserved.

What better introduction to El Maestrat than Penyagolosa, its emblem and focal point? It commands the eye where ever you are and at 1,813 meters above sea level, it is the second highest mountain peak in the Valencian community – … Continue reading

Paella en El Maestrat

© 2013 stephanie de leng. All rights reserved.

In the Valencian communidad, every woman worth her salt, and yes modern man too, measure their culinary skills by their ability in producing the perfect paella. I have been invited to many a home, and it always has been delicious … Continue reading

Fayre, fairs and ferias

© 2013 stephanie de leng. All rights reserved.

I have been a bit absent recently namely because I returned to wet wet wet Blighty for a long family Christmas. The house was a holly mess Batman, and I have been rushing around for weeks dusting and scrubbing and … Continue reading

En vende

En Vende © 2012 stephanie de leng. All rights reserved.

Everywhere I go now in the Castellon province the “en vende” signs have have taken on a life of their own. Also the “se vende” and “es ven”, depending on the Spanish language used! They have a number to … Continue reading

Almond blossoms in spring

© 2012 stephanie de leng. All rights reserved.

Now that the cold spell seems truly over, I remember why I love this time of the year so much. The light is clear and crisp, with that “born again” quality that makes images sharp and colours fresh and vibrant … Continue reading

From the pig abattoir to the plate

© 2011 stephanie de leng. All rights reserved.

“This contains images that you might find disturbing” I have been learning about all the processes a pig goes through before landing on our plates. After a number of hiccups, including being thrown out of the abattoir twice, a detailed … Continue reading