Nightlife in Valencia at the old port

The Spanish love to party, and nowhere more than in Valencia, both the city and the Comunidad in general. Its nightlife amongst the Spanish is legendary.

Scattered throughout the provinces there are discos, sometimes in unlikely places. For instance, next to Cabanes there used to be a giant “Pyramid” that I am told could hold 10,000 people. Nearby, in Val d’Alba there used to be another large club, its facade painted in an astral theme with a rocket zooming out of its middle.

There is now a blacked hole framed by jagged cement where the rocket was, as if it burst out of the stratosphere. Rumour has it that it was a bit too much competition for its neighbour down the road, but as they are both closed now, I doubt it.

Down at the Valencia seafront next to the port there is an impressive number of nightclubs. Men pass out free tickets and flyers like confetti. I went up to one of them and its entrance yawned at me, a carnivorous whale burping out hideous music that threatened to swallow me. I retreated hastily up the road in the yellow twilight, the canned sound of synthesized voices mocking me. You are too old, you are too old. Yes, I am.

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